I am an experienced therapist holding a diploma of Bowen therapeutic technique. I studied and graduaded in the Original Bowen Technique in Scotland at the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA). I am the first therapist in Bowen original technique in Slovenia having concluded the studies on this Academy.

I am continuing my education and curently i am completing the Masters degree (higher qualification program) for experienced therapist. I am a full member of the international association of Bowen therapistThe Bowen Association UK which is a professional association of practicioners of Bowen technique in England and internationally. It is recognized by the Commission for Natural and complementary health protection of Great Britain.

Before becoming a therapist I gained my diploma and continued studying marketing at the University for Management. I worked in advertising and later in sector of healthy food which didn’t bring me satisfaction. I had a period of crisis in my life with lack of motivation and deep emotional crisis. All reflected also on my health especially on my chest like having a heavy burden.

By coincidence, I received a coupon for Bowen therapy as a gift. After the second session I started to feel changes in my body and when I finished the fourth one I felt strong relief of my emotonal and physical difficulties. I felt my blocks dissolved and the energy flowing normally again.

I was so impressed by this therapy that I enrolled in the course of Bowen therapy in Ljubljana. But the course did not fulfill my expectations so I looked for more. By accident 😊I found The Australian Academy Bowtech where I acquired the competency in Bowen technique.

Today I am happy to have followed my intuition and my heart’s desire.


I am passionate about Cuban culture and attracted by afro cuban dance and music. Under the mentorship of Maša Kagao Knez, i dedicate myself to afro-contemporary dance style that i find to be a true expression of myself.
Music means a lot to me. I finished education at Music School Tartini where i studied piano. Also i am enthusiastic about playing other instruments like afro cuban drums bata and congas, i am exploring how the music and its vibrations affect human beings as it is known that music balances our mind soul and body.

Yoga is my every day practise, as well i enjoy long walks across Rožnik park, i love Greece and Greek language and the sea. Greece is my second home. I love to explore the world and the curiosity for exploring took me to exotic countries of Asia, Africa, South America and Caribean islands and again and again to Cuba.


Diploma of Proficiency, Bowen Therapeutic Technique, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Bowtech, Scotland.

VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, Essential Training Solutions, United Kingdom.

Certificate Specialized Bowen procedures 1, advanced, Bowen Therapeutic Technique, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Bowtech, The Netherlands.

Certificate of membership of the Bowen therapists professional association UK , The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and The Bowen Association UK.

Certificate of Infant Shiatsu and Massage, Well Mother, UK.

Craniosacral therapy level 1, Upledger Insitute International, Zagreb.

Craniosacral therapy level 2, Upledger Institute International, Zagreb.

Certificate of Functional Anatomy & Yin Yoga Theory, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Zagreb.

Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Meridian Series, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Zagreb.

Certificate of Meditation & Philosophy, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Indonesia, Bali.

Certificate for Bach Flower Therapy, Institute for Bach flower therapy, Ljubljana.

Cetificate for Kinesio Taping, Nasara International Taping Academy, Ljubljana.

Certificate Nutrition Foundation Course – The importance of fat in the diet, British Nutrition Foundation.

Certificate Nutrition Foundation Course – The risk of hidden sugars in the diet, British Nutrition Foundation.