I am an experienced therapist holding a diploma of Bowen therapeutic technique. I studied and graduaded in the Original Bowen Technique in Scotland at the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA). I am the first therapist in Bowen original technique in Slovenia having concluded the studies on this Academy.

I am continuing my education and curently i am completing the Masters degree (higher qualification program) for experienced therapist. I am a full member of the international association of Bowen therapistThe Bowen Association UK which is a professional association of practicioners of Bowen technique in England and internationally. It is recognized by the Commission for Natural and complementary health protection of Great Britain.

Before becoming a therapist I gained my diploma and continued studying marketing at the University for Management. I worked in advertising and later in sector of healthy food which didn’t bring me satisfaction. I had a period of crisis in my life with lack of motivation and deep emotional crisis. All reflected also on my health especially on my chest like having a heavy burden.

By coincidence, I received a coupon for Bowen therapy as a gift. After the second session I started to feel changes in my body and when I finished the fourth one I felt strong relief of my emotonal and physical difficulties. I felt my blocks dissolved and the energy flowing normally again.

I was so impressed by this therapy that I enrolled in the course of Bowen therapy in Ljubljana. But the course did not fulfill my expectations so I looked for more. By accident 😊I found The Australian Academy Bowtech where I acquired the competency in Bowen technique.

Today I am happy to have followed my intuition and my heart’s desire.


I am passionate about Cuban culture and attracted by afro cuban dance and music. Under the mentorship of Maša Kagao Knez, i dedicate myself to afro-contemporary dance style that i find to be a true expression of myself.
Music means a lot to me. I finished education at Music School Tartini where i studied piano. Also i am enthusiastic about playing other instruments like afro cuban drums bata and congas, i am exploring how the music and its vibrations affect human beings as it is known that music balances our mind soul and body.

Yoga is my every day practise, as well i enjoy long walks across Rožnik park, i love Greece and Greek language and the sea. Greece is my second home. I love to explore the world and the curiosity for exploring took me to exotic countries of Asia, Africa, South America and Caribean islands and again and again to Cuba.


– Diploma of Proficiency, Bowen Therapeutic Technique, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Bowtech, Scotland.

– VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, Essential Training Solutions, United Kingdom.

– Specialized Bowen procedures 1, advanced, Bowen Therapeutic Technique, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Bowtech, The Netherlands.

– Certificate of membership of the Bowen therapists professional association UK , The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and The Bowen Association UK.

– Certificate of Functional Anatomy & Yin Yoga Theory, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Zagreb.

– Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Meridian Series, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Zagreb.

– Certificate of Meditation & Philosophy, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Indonesia, Bali.

– Nutrition Foundation Course, Certificate – The importance of fat in the diet, British Nutrition Foundation.

– Nutrition Foundation Course, Certificate – The risk of hidden sugars in the diet, British Nutrition Foundation.