Online holistic therapy/counseling

Do you have an injury or pain and you are not sure whether you need a manual therapy or could your condition be solved at home by guided exercises and other techniques of a professional therapists?

Apply for an ONLINE holistic therapy/counceling

Online holistic therapy (55 min) delivers:

– conversation  with a patient, overall assessment of patient’s condition and review of medical documentation if available

– explanation of the cause and further developement of your injury and pain

– professional demonstration of activities that can be performed at home to improve your condition

– presentation of other techniques depending on your condition

– myofascial release/ relaxation of muscles and tissues

– breathing exercises

The therapy and counceling is performed by video call using Skype program

The price of holistic therapy (55 min) is 50 EUR

The price of therapy (40 min) is 40 EUR.

(30 min therapy is possible if you already had therapy with me and for moms with babies)

All the instructions including payment methods will be given to you at the moment of application by e–mail


The online holistic therapy and counceling is appropriate for you if:

– you would like to avoid public spaces

– you need help urgently

– you have pain

– mums and babies; for babies that have problems with cramps, colic, digestion, extension and sleeping ec.

– if you are pregnant and have back pain, swollen feet and pelvic pain

– if you need relaxation and you would like to lower or avoid stress

– if you are living far from Ljubljana and for whatever reason can’t come to Ljubljana

– if you don’t have time to wait for your turn while on the waiting list for the  session with the therapist 

From the comfort of your home you will learn how to eliminate pain, get relief from the pain caused by injury, how to manage stress, how to breathe correctly, how to achieve balance in your body by connecting online with the therapist of Bowen therapeutic technique (BTAA) and Yin fascia yoga teacher Tina Ažman. 


For online therapy/counsling you can apply by clicking APPLY or by e-mail You can make an appointment also by calling on +386 31581835.

You can see the online therapy pricelist here.

You can check also bowen therapy pricelist here.