You can call and make an appointment for Bowen therapy and for other types of therapy on +386 31 581 835 or send an email to

The therapies are performed by certified therapist, a member of international organization of bowen therapists.


First treatment (conversation, an overview of your condition, therapy)  


The original bowen technique – adults (abt 50 min)              65 EUR

The original bowen technique for babies (45 min)                 55 EUR

The original bowen technique at your home (babies)*         70 EUR

The original bowen technique – children (abt 45 min)           55 EUR

The original bowen technique – pregnant women (50 min)  65 EUR

TMJ treatment (Temporamandibular joint) 50 min                 65 EUR

Bowtech – Application of kinesio tape                                   5-15 EUR

Bowtech – consultation (45 min)                                                50 EUR

Bowtech – individual therapeutic exercise (abt 45 min)        50 EUR

Bowtech – breathing techniques (abt 45 min)                         50 EUR


Bach flower remedies – 30 ml personal bland**                    30 EUR

Bach flower remedies for babies – 30 ml **                            25 EUR

Bach flower remedies – 2 x 30 ml personal bland**             50 EUR

(mother + baby)

            ONLINE THERAPY

Bowtech – Online holistic therapy (abt 50 min)                     60 EUR

*The price includes the transportation cost in Ljubljana, inside of highway ring. For location outside Ljubljana, additional transportation costs are charged.

**The price for bach flower remedies with holistic therapy

VAT is not charged in accordance with the paragraph 1, Article 94 of the ZDDV-1. Our service is exempt from VAT.

Payment by cash or by pro forma invoice.

Gift Vouchers

Give your closest ones the gift of wellbeing. Treat your family members and friends with the path of health.

A gift voucher is a wonderful gift for your loved ones! It is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

For ordering a gift voucher call on mobile +386 31 581 835 or email