Recommendation after Bowen session

In contrast to other hands on disciplines, where the practitioner imposes correction on the client throught the technique performed, the Bowen technique allows the body to heal itself with minimal intervention.

Because of the subtletly of Bowenwork and the body’s continuing response to it, other forms of manipulative therapy performed up to four days before, or five days after a Bowtech session, may interfere with its effectivness.  

How can you increase the benefits of Bowen treatment by following some simple recomandations!

It is recommended that seven days after the treatment you don’t receive any manual therapy as massage, chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture, magnetic therapy because they could interfer with the blance that has been achieved by Bowen technique.

During the first week after treatment:

– When getting up from bed, from chair, from the car, place your weight evenly on both feet;

– Don’t heat or cool too much the region that was teated;

– Take a shower using warm but not hot water;

– Avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes after the treatment;

– Avoid hard exercising, it is recommended to take walks as much as you can but at least 15 minutes a day;

– Drink a lot of water at least 6 glasses a day to help the body get rid of toxins released by the muscles and connective tissue during the Bowen treatment;

– Avoid consuming stimulating substances like coffeine, Coca Cola (antinflammatory and pain relief drugs can be taken if necessary);

– After the temporomandibular joint procedure avoid exaggerated chewing, biting very hard food and opening too widely your jaw for 24 hours after the procedure;

– Continue taking the prescribed medicine from your doctor.

Possible reactions after therapy

Reactions after the procedure can be warmth, redness of cheeks, headache, emotional release, and the feeling as if you are getting sick and your temperature increases.

Most clients experience sore muscles only after some days during the first two sessions. They compare it to inflammation of muscles after exercising.

It is also possible that some patients don’t feel any change because the changes in their health are subtile and occur gradually. Nevertheless, the body has begun the healing process.

You can also get instruction to perform some exercises at home. It is important to do them correctly in order to increase the flexibility of joints and to assist the recovery process.