How can Bach flower essences help our emotions?

Emotions are the ” essence ” of being humans and represent the tool we have to respond to the outer world.

During our life we face different emotional states  and each of us responds in a different way.

Natural flower essence

Fear for example can be usuful to avoid dangerous situations, but do you fear performance, talking to your boss,  taking a plane for a business trip?  Do you feel anxious and you don’t know what exactly are you afraid of or could happen to you?

Are you over concerned about  your child, parents or partner? Do you get angry at your customers when late for the appointment, your children who are restless, your partner manipulating you? Are your school children lacking interest in school and your younger child is crying every day going to nursery? Is it difficult for you accepting a new job, moving to a new place?

Bach flower therapy for baby

Is your baby constantly crying and you are stressed because you feel helpless? Is your first child jealous when he gets a brother or sister and he starts to wet his bed again? Is your date of giving a birth to a child approaching and you are scared?  You don’t know why sadness suddenly clouded your life and you don’t understand why it is happening?

If we followed our feelings, our true desires, our longings, our thoughts, then we would experience nothing but health and joy”.

Each emotion has its own function. If we allow them to be, they clear up, if we suppress them they erupt like a vulcano. Our wellbeing depends on our ability to harmonize our emotions, or what’s better change negative emotions into positive.

Bach flower essences help us to transform fear into courage, self- doubt into self- confidence, anger in compassion, hatred in love, discouragement in joy. They are without any side effects and safe to use also during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, after birth and can be given also to toddlers.

What is Bach flower therapy?

Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath discovered the hidden power of flowers, bushes and trees and gave us 39 flower essences – drops for simple and safe treatment for emotional distress. It has been used for 80 years by elderly, young children and pregnant women.

It is a spiritual cure which works through information/ vibration.

Bach flower essences

The Bach essences cure the whole body, our emotions, our thoughts and soul

They work whether we are aware of it or not. But awareness allows us to work with them better. They help us transform emotions like fear, anger and sadness into positive emotions: courage, compassion, cheerfulness.

Edward Bach understood that the cause of all disease was in our emotions.  If we sense them, accept and transform them in time, they will pass without consequences. When we don’t recognize the warning signs our soul is sending us that something in our life needs change and problem solving, our soul sends us a physical sign. This is so obvious that we have to deal with a problem.

So dr. Bach suggested taking “drops “as preventive measure.

The flower essence therapy restores our mental balance. It works from inside, gives us strength and shows us what is good for us and how we can improve ourselves.

It harmonizes our emotional state and leads us towards satisfaction and inner peace, which all results in our wellbeing. 

The therapy works as information transmitted from flowers through water by help of sun rays.

It heals the causes of the disease and not the symptoms.

The procedure is similar to homeopathy but flowers essences are not homeopathic.

What is a personal mixture of drops?

Taking pre-prepared mixtures does not make sense, because it is necessary to treat the individual holistically, not the disease in general. The causes are specific to each person and dr. Bach was convinced that they need to be addressed.

So we don’t treat asthma, stomach ulcer, dermatitis, anxiety, depression but emotional states that lead to the problem, such as being too demanding of oneself, fearful, submission to others, problematic relationships, decision-making problems, work exhaustion, lack of interest in life, etc.


The mixture is prepared for the individual in his current emotional and otherwise state.

Based on a conversation or some other method, depending on the therapist’s breadth of knowledge (body language, intuition), Bach’s assistants prepare a mixture of essences (usually two to seven essences in a bottle).

We know 39 bottles with various Bach’s preparations. If we prepare a bottle with 1 – 7 essences for a person, we have 15 million different options to help people with flower essences from nature’s wealth.

Resque remedy

We know only one pre-prepared mixture, the so-called Rescue remedy, prepared by dr. Bach himself.

It is meant for situations of severe physical and mental distress when we need to act immediately and do not have time to think about which essence to choose. They are first aid drops, masterfully selected and effective.

Today, we often help children with Bach drops and it is amazing to see how fast and effective they are in children. While adults need to be aware and cooperate with the drops and often let go of many (intellectual) prejudices about what the drops can do for them and how, children are still in contact with the natural healing energies of Bach’s essences so that they can absorb them easily.  It is fascinating how fast they work.

They are equally fast and successful in animals, which also benefit quickly after getting Bach’s drops, as well as plants.