Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a unique non invasive manual therapy that is effective in case of whatever disbalance occurs in the body being physiological, biochemical, psycological or emotional.

It is appropriate for individuals of all ages and all health conditions.

During Bowen Technique sessions patients drop into deep relaxation activating the innate mechanism for regeneration that restores the body’s balace or optimum health. Bowen Therapy as a holistic therapy does not address only the symptoms but addresses the cause of the problem. This simple and subtle technique may bring relief in short time also in cases where other therapies did not bring results.

Bowen Therapy in Ljubljana

In our center for Bowen Therapy in Ljubljana we perform the Original Bowen Therapy Technique Bowtech. We perform Bowen therapy for adults,  Bowen therapy for babies, children, pregnant women and mothers, Bowen therapy for couples and elderly.

Did you know? ” The original Bowen Technique has been successfully practised in more than 30 countries all over the world. It originates in Australia where it is recognized from the health Ministery and is covered by insurance ”. The same is valid in some countries in Europe.

You can see the price list for Bowen therapy here.

About the Therapist Tina Ažman

I am the first Original bowen technique therapist in Slovenia with a completed study at the Academy of Bowen Therapy Australia.

Parallel to my studies I completed a 1 year Anatomy education and received the International Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Currently I focus on the master’s degree in the Original bowen therapeutic technique for experienced therapists and on specific areas of bowen therapy.

I am a full member of the International Professional Association of Bowen therapists, which provides the highest criteria for Bowen Therapy practitioners in the UK and around the world.

For achieving the best results in improving health and well-being and for providing a holistic approach, I am continually studying abroad in the field of Bowen therapy for babies, infants, children and pregnant women, Functional Anatomy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Psychology and Yoga Therapy and Meditation.

To make an appointment call on +386 31 581 835 where we can find solution for your pain and troubles.

It is nice to have a therapy available at the time of acute condition. However, I see Bowen Methodology as a whole body reshaping. To me it works as an enhancement at all three levels, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. If all three are in sync the body vibrates at the optimum level of energy and illness could be avoided. Therefore I will be using to keep my body in Sync.
Tina has a very good feeling, nice & respectful person, dedicated, diligent and passionate about Bowen Techniques. She does it very professionally and takes time to understand the problem. As a client I feel comfortable, relaxed (to the point that I follow asleep).


First of all, it was very nice experience, i found it really relaxing. I had problems with digestion (gas, bloating, …) and after first session i already felt better, my bathroom problems were gone.
I came to my second session with really hard earache and the next day i didn’t feel the pain anymore. I called Tina and said: it’s unbelievable!
I had constant problems with candida and inflammations (mainly vaginitis) and after all the sesions of Bowen Technique the problems decreased. I can tell also that i mostly slept really good and i was relaxed. In the future i will use Bowen Technique for general well being, less stress, better sleep, more energy, relaxation.
Tina is my friend since elementary school, i know her practicaly all my life. I really appreciated that she was very proffesional, without forcing to talk, she left me to relax and calm down completelly.
I can’t wait to come to Bowen Therapy again 😊